Choose to get vaccinated,when you can

Roll up your sleeves, FranklinCounty.

COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out, and it’s our turn to step up and protect our community. Join the millions of Americans that have been vaccinated. The sooner we stand together, the sooner we beat this virus.



Just the facts:


Frontline workers can catch COVID-19 from you, not the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine contains harmless copies of the virus, but doesn’t infect you. The most common way to spread COVID-19 is still person-to-person – that’s you. Getting vaccinated ensures you don’t spread the vaccine to your community members.


The vaccine has been widely tested and proven up to 95% effective.

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t new – it’s the result of twenty years of research. The vaccine was in production during clinical trials so it could be distributed to in-need communities as soon as it was approved, resulting in an expedited roll-out without sacrificing safety.


All five vaccines with public results have drastically reduced hospitalizations.

The initial results from the vaccines are incredibly encouraging. They’re delivering exactly what we want: a slow but steady end to the spread of COVID-19, including its variants.


Just because you’re not high-risk, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

You may feel like you don’t need to worry about getting a vaccine because you’re young, healthy, or otherwise low-risk. While COVID-19 may not pose as much of a risk to you, you could still contract and spread it to someone who is high-risk. It’s on us to protect vulnerable community members.


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